Kia hora te manno
Kia whakapapa paumamu te moana
Kia tere te Karohirohi

May the calm be widespread
May the sea glisten like the greenstone
And may the glimmer of summer dance across your pathways

Monday, November 22, 2010

First snow of the season

I started to snow about 7:30am this morning, so I immediately went outside to fill the bird feeders and feed the rabbits. It is very cold and the forecast is for colder temperatures. I am not looking forward to driving the slick roads.

The rabbits have been fed their munchies, and I am sure they are glad to have the extra nutrition.


MISTAYA said...

It has been snowing here for the last 24 hours!! Sheez...enough already!!!
Your bunnies look quite happy!
Hugs, Gail

Darla said...

I wouldn't begin to know how to drive in are a good provider for our birds and bunnies.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Seeing your bunnies outside makes me worry less about ours. I already gave it fresh water since it was frozen. I love watching the snow, but not excited about the cold that is coming.

Rosey said...

The best part to winter is the bird feeding. I really depend on the birds for entertainment. /worth the cost of buying birdseed!