Kia hora te manno
Kia whakapapa paumamu te moana
Kia tere te Karohirohi

May the calm be widespread
May the sea glisten like the greenstone
And may the glimmer of summer dance across your pathways

Thursday, June 23, 2011

At last I have something to show you

My new camera arrived on Tuesday, so am now able to take photos. Granted, I am having to learn all the new features, but so far I am well pleased with my Kodak Easyshare Z990.

The vegetable garden is flourishing. Here beets and leaf lettuce cozy up side by side.

There are so many English peas, that I will be able to share with my friends. The pods are getting fatter by the day and soon I will be able to start harvesting them.

Growing up the garden fence, are these brightly colored Nasturtiums. I do so like a splash of color in the veggie garden.

The tomatoes inside their three sided enclosure are loving the warmth, and are producing flowers already. I have two plants per tire. Early girl and Sun Sugar share a place in each tire.

Blue Lake pole beans are up and reaching for the support of the trellis. Behind are a few Violas and Gladioli for cutting.

Swiss chard, Kale, Burgundy bush beans, peas, parsnips, gourds, and some flowers share this raised bed.

Peas (two kinds) kale, lettuce, beets, and scarlet runner beans share this bed.

The burgundy bush beans are beginning to flower.

If the summer squash keep performing as they are doing now, then I should have plenty of squash to keep us going throughout the summer into fall, and some to share with friends.

Last but not least, the strawberries are the best they have ever been. I am picking loads of berries every couple of days. Some to dip in sour cream then brown sugar, some for shortcake, and some to eat right out of the garden. I nearly forgot to mention the freezer jam I will make. Yummy!

2lb of sweet strawberries picked today.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your new camera takes great pictures. Your vegetable garden is looking great. Mine is just really struggling still. I'm jealous of the strawberries! Something keeps eating ours :(

rmgales said...

Your garden is progressing nicely. I'm going to try the burgundy bush beans nice year. The strawberries look yummy.

Balisha said...

Your new camera takes great pictures. Those strawberries make my mouth water...Have a nice weekend. Balisha

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

It's so foreign to me to have strawberries at this time of year, and I'm very jealous of your nasturtiums! I gave them a go last fall, and they really are lovely to grow. Lovely garden!

Peggy said...

Great photos with the new camera, I could nearly reach out and pick them! You have a very productive garden with lots to look forward to.

Darla said...

New cameras are fun and a pain at the same time. Great photos of your amazing veggies and fruit!!

Lona said...

Your new camera is taking some wonderful pictures. I am going to have to remember to grow some bush beans next year. I just love them from the garden. And Jennifer your Strawberries have me drooling. LOL!

bettyl said...

Great shots! And the color is just awesome on your new camera! Can't wait to see what else you photograph!

Grace said...

Great shots with the new camera. I hope it brings you years of pleasure. Your strawberries look delicious. My 'Sun Sugar' tomato plant is HUGE already. It is a surefire winner. Maybe we can "race" to see who gets the first ripe tomato! LOL

keewee said...

OK Grace, the race is ON. *grin*

Jenni @ RainyDayGardener said...

Hmm, Sugar Sun tomato sounds new camera :) I can't believe how big your summer squash is. Totally jealous!

Kim and Victoria said...

Can't tell you how impressed I am! What a lovely garden.

keewee said...

Kim and Victoria, I am so thrilled with my garden this year. I think I am getting the hang of growing veggies.

Anonymous said...

Such a great idea with the 3-sided tomato enclosure. Trying one outdoor tomato for the first time this year - not too hopeful the summer is terrible so far! Photos on previous post gorgeous - love the delicate looking blueberries waiting to ripen.