Kia hora te manno
Kia whakapapa paumamu te moana
Kia tere te Karohirohi

May the calm be widespread
May the sea glisten like the greenstone
And may the glimmer of summer dance across your pathways

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There's a spring in my step,

now Spring is showing up in my garden. I suppose if I was in the habit of shouting Whoo hoo! I would. Oh what the heck, WHOO HOO!!

A little warmth from the sun, and I finally see the beautiful face of my first Daffodil of the season. It is just in time to celebrate the first day of Spring, tomorrow.

Poor sad wee primrose, all chewed up by the slugs. The slugs now have their own food, in the form of nice little pellets. Of course, the pellets are the kind which do no harm to the birds and critters.

This daffodil is one I eagerly wait for each year. Not only are the buds of Texas a pleasing shape, but the flowers are gorgeous.

Just when I thought I had lost these Violas to a hard frost, they proved me wrong.

Quote of the day

My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant's point of view. ~H. Fred Ale


Michelle said...

woo hoo is in order! Nice to see spring flowers showing their pretty faces in your garden. Time to celebrate.

Blossom said...

Hey, Keewee, daffodils are my favorite. I love those yellow bell-shaped flowers. The more there are, the better.

Kylee said...

Oh goodness, those violas! Somehow, they just don't carry over from year to year very well here. And I love them!

Your primrose is pretty, slugs or no.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Yeah! Just in time for spring. I love the violas!

Daphne said...

Spring always deserves a good loud WHOO HOO.

Bren said...

Aweee..... I can't wait till spring in my neck of the woods after looking at your wonderful photos. We still have a few more weeks of cold before my flowers start to bloom. I am glad I followed your posting on my 'plot' to your blog. LOVE IT!!!!

Heather said...

Whoohoo! I second that! The sun came out for a few hours today and i can tell you with all honesty, it truly improved my mood!!

Anonymous said...

Yippee! The first daffodil is always cause for celebration. I have one little bud out there, can't wait to see it. Sorry about the snow. We hit 75 today! But tomorrow it will go back to cold. Darn.

Anonymous said...

Hi KeeWee~~ Yes the weather is finally leaning towards friendly. Love it.

Rowena said...

Since you started it why not? I'm going to go Whoo Hoo when I get out to check how the tulips are coming along. Maybe that'll give them extra encouragement to grow faster. They're only 4 inches out of the ground, so you can imagine how eager I am to eventually see the blooms!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Love the title! Glad you're feeling springy. Beautiful blooms all.~~Dee

dinzie said...

Love the texas daffodill :O) The Daffs won't grow in my garden for some reason ..we have one or two spotted about but they never look that good ....


Sue said...

Your flowers are pretty, even if the primrose has slug damage. It looks like the daffs not blooming yet were about to.

My first ones blooming are lying down due to cold weather damage, even though they are on the south side of my house.

I have a spring in my step, too!