Kia hora te manno
Kia whakapapa paumamu te moana
Kia tere te Karohirohi

May the calm be widespread
May the sea glisten like the greenstone
And may the glimmer of summer dance across your pathways

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Why are you blooming now?

My potted Azalea seems confused as it has started to bloom for the second time this year. I thought they only bloomed in spring.


Bonnie said...

I don't know why it's blooming, but what a pleasant surprise!

Darla said...

There are azaleas that do this .... lucky you!

Anonymous said...

My crazy Valentine azalea did the same thing. What's even more amazing is that it was one of those florist azalea, and it has thrived since I planted it outdoors. Whether it over winters or not is another story!

Kalipso said...

We have definately changed the climate. Here where I live (Croatia)the Horse Chestnut in the town park got new green leaves, some flowers and fruits at the same time. By the way, my Weigela has a few flowers too.