Kia hora te manno
Kia whakapapa paumamu te moana
Kia tere te Karohirohi

May the calm be widespread
May the sea glisten like the greenstone
And may the glimmer of summer dance across your pathways

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a wonderful adventure.

We arrived back on Whidbey Island yesterday evening, very tired but happy that we had such a wonderful experience in the Netherlands.

I have so much to tell you about our trip it is going to be difficult to know where to start, which be soon, as I have to download and edit many, many, pictures. Also I am not feeling very well, as I think I am coming down with a cold. Mr C. is still in bed resting, after an extremely uncomfortable journey home. It appears he has a very bad cold instead of the allergies, we thought had caught up with him the day before returning to USA.

The day before we left the Netherlands, my honey did walk with me to the flower market even though he felt unwell. (what a wonderful guy) I bought many packets of flower seeds, and the woman in the market stall, assured me they were packaged for taking back into the USA, but when we arrived back here, I found out at customs, they were not, and they were confiscated. I almost broke down and cried right there, in front of the customs officer.
I have since found out I can buy this particular brand of seeds here in the States, and I also learned ‘ do not take the word of everyone, especially those who are only interested in getting your money into their cash drawer, instead do your own research” So I have learned a valuable lesson.

I will try to get a post with pictures, up as soon as possible. Keep checking in.


cherry said...

Hope you and the Mr. get to feeling better soon can't wait to see your pictures and to hear all about your trip.
hugs, Cherry

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I hope both of you feel better soon. What a trip. Very frustrating about the misinformation; hopefully you didn't spend a small fortune on the seeds. We lived in Germany for 5 years when my husband was active-duty and spent a few days in Holland during tulip season...oh boy, what a treat! I would love to go back and re-experience all of that again. I'm sure your photos are wonderful;-)