Kia hora te manno
Kia whakapapa paumamu te moana
Kia tere te Karohirohi

May the calm be widespread
May the sea glisten like the greenstone
And may the glimmer of summer dance across your pathways

Monday, December 22, 2008

Very pretty

Somewhere under all that snow are my raised beds.
They are saying on the TV, that this is the heaviest snowfall for about 16 years. I believe them!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frozen in time

Today it warmed up to a balmy 22 degrees F. After throwing some seed out for the critters to eat, I took my camera out to the garden.

The vegetable garden is blanketed in snow, and under the few inches are some parsnips and carrots I want to pull out. I won't know what condition they are in, and if they are edible, until I can get to them.

The hardy little primroses are frozen solid.

Some sad looking brittle snapdragons, which shattered when I touched them.

The winter landscape can be very pretty, but I find the loss of all the beautiful flowers quite sad, and can hardly wait until all the spring bulbs start to make their appearance.